We got a 100k investment.

Investment for Wavy GmbH 

We have a reason to celebrate! Last week we received our first investment of 100k EUR. Wavy GmbH is also officially authorized to receive INVEST fundingThe team of course celebrates this very much. The business angel is a private investor with a great network in travel partners and knowledge about the needs of traveltech companies.

We are also officially supported by INVEST, so every accredited investor „saves” 20% of the investment. Learn more about exactly what this means.

For us as a young company this is of course a big profit! The realization of new ideas that you have as a young company, is associated with costs and these are probably the biggest hurdle that must be overcome in the initial phase of a foundation.

Find out more about INVEST in this article.


WavySys in over 10 languages

Yeah, you heard right! WavySys will soon be available in over 10 languages! We believe that people feel best served in their own language. Our goal as an international company is therefore to offer as many languages as possible on our site in order to be able to offer a great service to customers from all over the world.

The first languages available on WavySys will be the following:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Albanian
  • Turkish
  • Croatian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Swedish

Do you miss a language or are you yourself a translator for a language you miss? Then get in touch with us and help us to optimize our site. Of course, you will receive a reasonable fee for this.


NEW! The Travel Agency Login


It’s finally time: our yacht booking system WavySys launches exclusive access for travel agencies.

This gives travel agencies free access to the WavySys database. Travel agencies can speed up their workflow and extend their offer for more customer satisfaction! WavySys offers travel agencies not only technical innovations, but also service-oriented professionals and dedicated employees behind a strong system.


Overview of advantages for travel agencies:

– Free access to the WavySys real-time booking database

– Worldwide search with real-time availability

– Individual search parameters

– Access to over 2000 yachts

– Digital and automated payment transfers

– Direct communication to charterers with the WavyMessenger


For charterers, WavySys offers the following decisive advantages in addition to common functions:


– Automated booking processes

– Digital deposit management

– Yacht positioning with Google Maps

– Autotranslation into eight different languages


Travel agencies and charterers can also benefit from the ability to send automatic quotes and booking confirmations with a single click. In addition, these services are completely free in the Free Version!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be one of the first travel agencies to have free access to WavySys!


WavySys Team

 The Wavy GmbH originated from the idea of the perfect boat brokerage of the two founders and enthusiastic sailors Florian Kreuzer and Mark Dürr. Since then, the team has expanded to include external employees and numerous cooperation partners with whom Wavy works hand in hand on a daily basis. After a while Florian returned to his hometown and is therefore no longer part of the active team of Wavy, whose office is located in Berlin.

 In this article we introduce you to the core team, which now consists of five additional employees in addition to the founder Mark Dürr:

Lea took over the place at the Startup Incubator and is now CMO at Wavy and responsible for Marketing and she is Head of Product for WavyWeek.
We love to see Lea being now perfectly fitted in her element and let me tell you: she totally rocks!

Andrew is joining the Wavy team for CPO position in the next months and our collaboration intensifies – we love to see that development. He help us with product development of WavySys. This will be a big step for Wavy GmbH.

Kerstin took over the COO Position and focuses on building the operations team, takes over coaching with her decades of knowledge in software sales and travel.
She has a background as an award winning reseller for Autodesk products, made millions in sales and is the perfect fit for the position. We are very grateful to have her in the team.

Last but not least, there is Alex joining the team for Junior Sales & Marketing Manager. He will focus on customer identification, customer tracking, SEO and retargeting. We also welcome him a lot!
He is student at the HWR Berlin and has a good knowledge base in online ads, process management and customer tracking.

One new addition is our Sales Manager Nita. She coordinates and plans sales strategies and develops measures to win new customers, maintains the customer base and, of course, rocks the sales department.


Publish your boats without MangoPay 

Charterers now benefit from the possibility to upload their boats to WavySys without MangoPay. This simplifies the upload process and allows all charterers to be in the WavySys database and be found by travel agencies, for example.

A few facts about MangoPay at a glance:

Wavy uses the payment provider Mangopay for all financial transactions on the platform.

What is Mangopay?

Mangopay is a digital payment service provider specializing in online marketplaces, crowdfunding, platforms and sharing economy companies.
Mangopay was founded for entrepreneurs and minimizes the effort for payment systems by integrating a whitelabel solution directly into their own system that accepts direct payments in multiple currencies and automatically pays out.

How does Mangopay work?

Mangopay creates individual e-wallets for buyers and sellers in which money is kept safe for as long as necessary.
The end-to-end payment solution is unique in the market due to the E-Money-Issuer license (BaFin license in Germany). It enables companies to accept payments, deposit the funds in trust and pay them out with ease, speed and efficiency.

 You can learn more about MangoPay in this article.


If you need help uploading your boat, please contact us! 

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