WavySys change of T&Cs for SEO Services and end of beta phase for Booking Button

We change our Terms & Conditions for the SEO Services and our Booking Button. The new T&Cs come in force on the 15th of January 2020.

New T&Cs for SEO Services

WavySys offers SEO Services for charter companies and travel agencies. Find the new T&Cs here: https://wavysys.com/terms-conditions/

The WavySys Booking Button has finished its Beta Phase

We are proud to announce the end of the beta phase and we are very thankful for your feedback. You like and enjoy the Booking Button as the easiest and best way to receive bookings and requests from your website. 

With your feedback we are working on an additional version of the booking button. We are planning to launch a premium version in early summer 2020.

The current version of the Booking Button will be at 2,50 € per boat per month or 25 € per boat per year. The current price will be still in force until the 14. January 2020. 

Here you can buy the Booking Button with 30 days of trial: https://wavysys.com/booking-button/

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