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WavySys believes in the positive effects of digital transformations. As a digital traveltech company, we use digital processes to provide the best services.


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Digital transformation can also be described as “digital change”. The process describes an ongoing process of change based on digital technologies that affects society as a whole and companies in particular from an economic point of view. It can be seen as a digital revolution. The digital transformation is based on digital technologies, which are developed in an ever faster sequence and thus pave the way for new digital technologies.

Networks, computer hardware and applications

The drivers of digital transformation are digital technologies, including digital infrastructures, for example: Networkscomputer hardware and applications, for example apps on smartphones and web applications. In addition, possible digital business models and digital value creation networks are further drivers of digital transformations.

Digital transformation is also often referred to as the process of change within a company triggered by digital technologies (Digital Business Transformation). However, digital transformation goes much further and beyond. It is a change process that affects a multitude of aspects of our society and does not end with the companies.

Examples of digital transformation include social mediabig datacloud servicessmart devicesInternet of Things or blockchain, which not only accompany our lives, but also influence them – and change them.

Actors in the digital transformation 

The main actors in the digital transformation are companies, individuals and communities, science and the state. These actors have a diverse influence on each other. This influence can be seen, for example, when the availability of new digital technologies (and the use of them) is also associated with consumer expectations of companies to adapt them

The expectations of individuals, especially of many younger innovative members of society, including companies, are themselves a strong driving force of digital transformation.

A core competence in digital transformation is software engineering. Constantly changing enablers (digital technologies and exploitation potentials) lead to continuous changes in customer expectations for companies. These changes make it necessary for companies to adapt to the new circumstances in order not to be left behind by the competition. Companies must act proactively in order to help shape these new circumstances as a company. The ability to adapt software to support a company’s changing organizational structures becomes a company’s key competency in the digital age.

The redesign of organizational structures within a company also requires a new culture in dealing with employees within a company.

Companies in the digital age have at least one of the following core competencies:

  • Use of the Internet as a platform
  • Involvement of the collective intelligence of users
  • Access to data and their further development (to be the master of the data)
  • Confidence in users as contributors (users bring the content with them)
  • Profitable occupation of niches
  • Creation of software across the boundaries of individual devices and media breaks


Digital processes in the yacht charter market 

The charter market is constantly evolving: new bases are being opened, fleets are being relocated, agencies are being re-established or merged. Anyone who has ever walked through the charter halls at the largest trade fair for boats, the boot in Düseldorf, gets a good impression of how large and confusing the market really is.

While the charter business a few years ago was mainly conducted on sitetoday charter companies have the opportunity to be booked from anywhere with the help of digital processes. Another development is new gadgets for boatsplatforms and apps designed for the yacht market.

Platforms make the market liquid. There are about 29 million boats worldwide, but they are often used less than three weeks a year.

What made boat rental complicated for a long time were paper lists, mediation by agents. 20 days and more passed until a booking contract was created from the rental enquiry. Real-time availability remained a dream.

The same goes for price transparency: Individual boat classes contain widely differing tariffs. The Internet offers the possibility for charters to compare prices with competitors. And final customers have the possibility of seeing and of comparing prices fast and uncomplicatedly.

Digital processes at WavySys 

WavySys is constantly working to improve its digital capabilities and services. You can get an overview of existing services here:

  •  Automated and secure payment system with our partner MangoPay 
  • Digital money management using personal e-wallets 
  • Auto translation of your profile into more than eight languages
  • Individual marketing support 
  • Travel Agency Login and the possibility to be booked directly by travel agencies
  • Regular provision of market-specific content on the WavySys Blog
  • The opportunity to become an advertising partner and earn additional money as a WavySys Ambassador

Furthermore, in the field of digital transformations it plays a major role to constantly expand its network and to cooperate with other companies as well as to make use of new technologies. We offer you the following possibilities to expand your network. Read more about this in our WavySys network blog post:

1. Register with WavySys to make your boats accessible to other people. Not only end customers will see your offers but also travel agencies. You can expand your network with the registration process at WavySys.

2. Join our charter groups on Facebook. We make sure that only qualified people from the industry and the yacht charter market participate in the group. This enables you to exchange knowledge and to be up to date with the latest knowledge from the market.

3. Follow our social media channels and network with our followers. Comment on posts to be seen by others and draw attention to your business,

4. Subscribe to our newsletter to be regularly informed about news, without having to become active yourself. 


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